This Flashlight Can Shoot Flames

We know what you’re thinking.

“Ugh, more military flashlight crap? Will you give it a rest already!?”

Hear me out.

No BS, there is a flashlight on the market right now that is so powerful it can literally burn a hole in your pocket. It might sound gimmicky (hell, just look how corny their advertisement is), but it’s actually one of the biggest hidden gems of the decade.

When our team got ahold of this flashlight for the first time, we instantly knew that this was something our customers had to try. It’s made by an American company in Boston called TAKLITE and reports indicate that Lockheed Martin (possibly the biggest military defense company in the world) has been buying them for two years straight. What do these guys know that we don’t?

We also discovered that it’s one of the only flashlights to ever be listed back-to-back on the private members-only platform TouchOfModern. Talk about popular!

If that isn’t crazy enough… one of our engineers discovered that it uses the same battery found in Elon Musk’s Tesla cars. What?!?

But there is a problem… the company announced earlier this year that the flashlight will be discontinued forever. We don’t know the full details of the story (maybe they got bought out?) but it goes without saying that you absolutely must pick one of these flashlights up while you still can.

We have a few hundred left in stock so be sure to check them out while you still can. Once we have exhausted our inventory, the TA-50 will be gone forever.

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Written by Mick

Mick is a former corporate slave who quit his office job to pursue a career in the outdoors. Mick's survival specialization is in emergency preparedness and post-apocalyptic scenarios.