This Solar Powered Air Conditioner Has Utility Companies Worried

Earlier this year, meteorologists reported that this summer might be one of the hottest yet. With record breaking temperatures in some parts of the globe, it’s no surprise why millions of people are looking for ways to cut costs on their air conditioning bill.

Lucky for us, an unknown inventor recently developed a portable air conditioner that runs only on water. Codenamed the G2 Air Cube, this modern marvel uses an external solar array for its power. It also contains no nasty chemicals or refrigerants Рmaking it one of the most environmentally friendly cooling solutions to date.

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Believe it or not,¬†the external solar array can also hold a charge which means you can even use your G2 Air Cube without sunlight for up to 12 hours! Not bad for a product that uses $0 worth of electricity. Considering the average window air conditioner uses more than $600 worth of electricity per year, it’s pretty obvious why the G2 Air Cube is a great way to save money.

We’ll save you the sales pitch…¬†the G2 Air Cube is one of the cooler products we have had the pleasure of releasing. It can also operate using a standard USB input which means you can save about $30 off the retail price by going with the non-solar version instead.

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Written by Mick

Mick is a former corporate slave who quit his office job to pursue a career in the outdoors. Mick's survival specialization is in emergency preparedness and post-apocalyptic scenarios.