Man Finds Alligator In His Sewer

Imagine, you’re taking out the garbage, and hear a hiss…

Just the neighborhood cat stuck in the sewer again??

Nope. Its a mother f*cking alligator.

Believe it or not, its actually quite common to find reptiles lurking in the depths of our sewer systems. Back in the early 1900’s, tourists traveling to Florida would purchase baby alligators from souvenir shops. When gators outgrew their tanks, owners would flush them down the toilet. Alligators survive in sewers by eating rats, sewage, and garbage. Other reptiles like snakes, often chase their prey into our sewer systems.

*Always look in that toilet bowl before doing your business patriots.

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What to do if you find yourself face to face with alligator?


Alligators are much slower than humans on land, and can be easily outrun. Keep in mind, running sporadically is only effective against gators. If you find yourself face to face with other high threat animals like bears, it best to keep calm, and move slowly side to side.

Stab the eyes

If an alligator grabs or bites you, putting up a struggle or fight, is your best course of action. Experts say, if humans put up enough struggle, alligators will retreat; however, if you find that’s not working then its time to fight back. Gouging the eyes, and hitting a gators snout, are the best ways to fend against these large reptiles.

Blind them

Contrary to popular belief, alligators have extremely good eye sight. Their ability to sense prey is enhanced because their eyes lay on the sides of their head. Gators can also succumb to defeat by using a high powered flashlight. If your flashlight has a strobe, or distress mode, it can cause temporary blindness to an alligators eyes. This is your best course of action if their are multiple gators around, and you’re trying to help someone in distress.

I would highly recommend the TA-50 1000 lumen torch for self defense, not only against gators but humans too.

Written by Leo

Having graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, it wasn't long until Leo abandoned his career in finance and entered the survival industry. Leo's survival specialization is in rescue and wilderness survival.