Fishing With C4

Don’t try this at home


What looks like a scene out of a science fiction movie, is actually fishermen using explosives for their daily catch. The technique of using explosives to fish is called “blast fishing”, and is primary used by commercial fishermen.

Blast fishing is illegal in most countries due to the destructive nature of the underlying habitat, and operator causalities. Shock waves produced by the explosion stun the fish and cause their bladders to rupture. When the bladder ruptures, fish lose their buoyancy, this results in fish floating to the top of the water. Blast fishing is highly effective,  and also highly destructive. In 1987, it was estimated that 25% of all sold fish were a casualty of blast fishing. Blasts from explosive turn thriving ecosystems, and beautiful coral reefs into a grayish rubble. It takes roughly 5-10 years, for these coral reefs to recover from the damage. Blast fishing is a fisherman’s cheat code, and i strongly oppose anyone using these barbaric tactics to fish.

Written by Leo

Having graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, it wasn't long until Leo abandoned his career in finance and entered the survival industry. Leo's survival specialization is in rescue and wilderness survival.