Truck Driver Rescues Over 60 Cats & Dogs From Hurricane Florence

The Real Life Noahs Arc.

Tony Alsup, the hero we all needed but never asked for, rescued over 60 dogs and cats from hurricane Florence. The 51 year old trucker, from Greenback, Tennessee, drove from the South Carolina coast, down to Southern Alabama in a modified school bus designed to house animals that were in Florences kill path.

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After a hardy meal at the local waffle house, Alsup began his journey. In just 48 hours, he stopped at three animal shelters. The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, the Dillion County Animal shelter, and Saint Frances Animal Center in George Town. Late Sunday Night, the Saint Frances Animal Center was quoted in a post saying, “Alsup was rescuing all the “left over” pets – the dogs and cats the shelter couldn’t hand off to anyone else – the dogs with blocky heads, the ones with heart worms”. Once Alsup had the animals secured, he drove to Foley, Alabama where his friend Angela Eib-Madduz, opened her privately run dog shelters to the new arrivals for the night. Once at the shelter, Madduz gave animals baths, and fluffy blankets, until they could find shelters or foster homes for the animals.

In just one day, Alsup found 40 homes, and shelters for the cats, and dogs. The remaining animals went off to vacant shelters across the United States.

Being a hero is nothing new to Alsup. During Hurricane Harvey, Alsup also rescued animals from floodwater near the Texas coast.

He hopes to one day open his own animal shelter.

Written by Leo

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