10 Duct Tape Hacks For Survivalists

Survival Uses

If there is one quintessential item a survivalist needs it’s a thick roll of duct tape. Duct tape has an endless amount of uses, and the only limit is your imagination. Today, i’m going to go over 10 ways you can use duct tape on your next adventure.

1. Marking A Trail

Trail navigation is extremely important when hiking or camping, use duct tape to mark trees when adventuring. In the off chance you ever get lost, marked trees will make it easier for rescue teams to find you. As a bonus, using colored duct tape will make it harder for you to get lost, and easier to be found.

2. Creating a Splint

Broken ankles, and legs are an unfortunate part of hiking; however, accidents do happen, and being prepared can turn an awful situation into a better situation. A broken ankle can be stabilized with splint material like a long stick, coupled with padding, and reinforced with duct tape. Short term solutions can provide long term effects.

3. Tent Repair

Keeping dry is extremely important in any survival situation. Your shelter is your last line of defense when fending against mother nature. If your tent is damaged or has a rip, using duct tape to repair small holes will keep you sheltered from insects and weather.

4. Making a Rope

The uses of a rope or cord, are pretty endless for an experienced survivalist. Whether its hanging a hammock for comfort, or setting a snare trap, ropes are very handy. Duct tape can be twisted, and turned into a strong rope that is capable of holding 50lbs or more depending on the length, and amount used.

5. Making A Clothes Line

If you’ve ever been on a multi day hike, then you know its pretty common for your clothes to get wet. Whether its from the elements or you falling in water, its best to keep your clothes dry. Using Duct Tape to create a close line using the method above will allow you to fight threats such as hypothermia or frost bite.

6. Making A Spear

This is probably my favorite duct tape hack, its very simple yet highly effective. Take your knife and strap it to a pole, or stick to fend off game, or hunt for your next meal. Using a spear to hunt is like enabling hard mode when hiking/camping/hunting. Sometimes using primitive tools, makes your adventure much more memorable.

7. Repairing your clothes

Its common for your clothes to rip, and tatter after continuous use in the wild. Using duct tape to repair small holes on your clothes or shoes, will allow you to get some more use out of your items. Remember staying dry, becomes harder if you’re walking around with holes in your shirt exposing yourself to the elements.

8. Making Handcuffs

Hopefully, you never have to use this duct tape hack, its more of a gimmick, but using duct tape to make a pair of hand cuffs is extremely effective. Duct tape is thick and strong enough to put any bad guy in their place. Tape them to a tree, and get help from the authorities if you ever find yourself in this situation.

9. Creating a Fly Catcher

Another personal favorite of mine, using duct tape to create a fly catcher. Roll off a few long strips of duct tape, and hang them from your branch or tent. You’ll be amazed when you wake up the next morning… trust me.

10. Making A Butterfly Bandage Strip

If you’ve run out of band aids, then this next hack will surely save you from a nightmare of a situation. Cut two smalls strips of duct tape, and add a small strip across their centers. This will form a strong butterfly patch, which will help facility blood clotting.


Until next time patriots.

Written by Leo

Having graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, it wasn't long until Leo abandoned his career in finance and entered the survival industry. Leo's survival specialization is in rescue and wilderness survival.