Outback Pitstop is your number one resource for outdoor content. With headquarters on both coasts of the United States, Outback Pitstop proudly caters to multiple industries including hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, emergency-preparedness, and more. Our customers have previously included police departments, fire departments, private detectives, and regular patriots like you and I.

(Our Most Recent Company Hike in Mission Peak, California)

Why We Are Different

We aren’t just an online store. We are a family of enthusiasts that live for the outdoors. Our goal isn’t to squeeze every cent out of you. It’s to provide you with quality products and content that will supercharge your outdoor experience.

Outback Pitstop engages in many community driven projects designed to better the planet and benefit our community. One example is our Factory Direct Pricing model. Items sold under this umbrella are sold at cost which means we do not make any profit on these items. Customers pay exactly what the factory charges – hence the name factory direct.

We also engage in fundraising efforts. Our most recent campaign involves donating to non-profit organizations dedicated to the conservation of bears and their habitats. Please take a look at our fundraising category to find a project that you can get behind and help us out with.

Our Promise

You can count on us to be your first and last stop for your next adventure. We offer 24 hour customer support and free shipping on most items. Go ahead, start shopping with us today.